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I'm Trish. Everyone calls me that or Sikes. I'm a 23 year old brunette with crazy brown eyes. I'm super sarcastic and i have a short temper. Things i think about are where the next place i can go on a road trip to something spontaneous to do that won't get me arrested :p best people to keep with me in a zombie Apocalypse haha whether or not i need to win the lottery or rob a bank for money

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Kazu Kibuishi

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cubebreaker: In his series, The Good Badlands, photographer Guy Tal seeks to show us that though it is often hidden, and may only appear briefly, there is delicate and subtle beauty in abundance for any viewer with patience and desire.

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please love sharks

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Rocket is the heart of the movie in a lot of ways. - James Gunn

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New TARDIS Appreciation Post

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Joey Chou